5 Reasons Why Brand Strategists Partner With A Design Studio

When you’re a freelance brand strategist, who can you trust to bring your clients’ brand & messaging strategy to life with a cohesive design?

1. A single point of contact

If you’re part of a network of other freelancers, it might be possible to assemble a full design team to execute your brand strategy. Chances are, they’re working remotely across different timezones and platforms. They also have their own schedules and other clients to consider.

2. Totally devoted to you

As a freelance brand strategist, there’s always the option to work with one of the big design agencies. From graphic designers to SEO specialists, they’ll certainly have the in-house expertise needed to execute your strategy. The problem is that they’ll also be serving multiple other clients, and you may not get to meet your creative team in person.

3. Expertise built around you

With a design studio, not only do you get a closer relationship with your creative team, you also get a ready-made pool of technical talent to support the execution of your brand strategy. This saves you time sourcing, hiring, and onboarding the right freelance talent to get the job done.

4. Project management you can trust

When you bring onboard multiple freelancers to a project, it’s time-consuming and costly. With multiple moving parts, it’s easy for something to go wrong or slip through the cracks. This can end up negatively impacting the client’s experience of your services, and therefore your own brand’s reputation.

5. More time to focus on new business

There’s no question that project managing the execution of your brand strategy takes you away from what you love.

Be the hero to your clients

Partnering with a design studio gives brand strategists the creative and technical talent they need to deliver more for clients. Not only do they get to oversee the execution of their brand strategy, they also have the opportunity to add value by not sending clients to a third party to create their brand identity and website.

How it works with Khula

At Khula Design Studio, our brand strategist partnerships typically work like this:

Step 1

We formulate the visual side of the brand based on the strategy and research you conducted with the client. That includes mood boarding, creating a solid logo concept, and helping you develop a strong brand identity.

Step 2

We take your web copy, refining it where needed to create the UX/UI web design before building the site in a no-code, all-in-one platform, Webflow.

Step 3

We set up the technical side of the website, conduct a comprehensive go-live checklist, including SEO fundamentals, ensuring everything’s ready to launch.



Khula helps small businesses transform their brand image & create experiences that delight & inspire. | www.khula.studio

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Khula Design Studio

Khula helps small businesses transform their brand image & create experiences that delight & inspire. | www.khula.studio