Building Sites — Digital Homes For Home Designers

Is your current digital home (website) a fixer upper? How to have a beautiful website that showcases your best work and inspires.

Dig Deep Foundations

Every building needs the right foundations, otherwise the structure will collapse. The same is true for your website. It’s deeply rooted in your brand image.

‍A Blueprint For Success

At Khula Design Studio, we’ve helped other businesses in a similar space as you to differentiate themselves and create a standout brand image. How do we do it? Here’s our blueprint for success:‍

  1. We then get to know who you are, what you do, and, how you service your existing customers. We discover what makes you unique by unpacking your entire business. This is surfaced through a brand script and storytelling, which goes on to inform the custom UX/UI web design phase of the project.‍
  2. The design phase then begins. We map out the pages and structure through UX wireframing, finding the right flow for your pages based on the user journey. This tells us what sections or content we want to show and how we want to show it to appeal to your users.‍
  3. With the structure mapped out, we infuse the brand identity and visual aspects of the brand to bring the website to life. This includes professional images, walkthrough videos, brand identity, colours, and fonts. We’re like an interior designer picking out textures, colours, fixtures and fittings to bring the home to life. We make it feel like a home instead of house.‍
  4. Once the design is in place, and we’re happy with the flow, construction begins. We build out the site in the all-in-one, no-code platform — Webflow. Our interior and home designers and architects love this tool because going forward, it gives them the power to easily update their work or project pages through Webflow’s powerful content management system (CMS). Working in Webflow provides a future-ready website that can evolve and grow with any business.‍
  5. As we continue to build, we ensure that the foundations, walls, and structure of your new digital home meet industry best practices. This minimizes defects. Before going live, we do thorough QA and debugging, so there’s no chance of it coming crashing down after we hand over the keys. We also ensure your new digital home has all the right SEO fundamentals, so it gets picked up by search engines.

‍Our Portfolio Of Digital Homes

We’ve worked with a lot of businesses in the home design and property management sectors. Here are three examples of digital homes we’ve built:

‍Building Relationships

One thing that Khula’s founder, Jamie Windell, loves about working with other designers is sharing experiences of the design process, as well as operational tactics! Designing websites has a similar iterative process to home design, from the discovery phase right through to the final design.

  • Home Town — Ben & Erin Napier
  • Fixer Upper — Chip & Joanna Gaines
  • Dream Home Makeover — Studio McGee (Shea & Syd McGee)‍



Khula helps small businesses transform their brand image & create experiences that delight & inspire. |

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Khula Design Studio

Khula helps small businesses transform their brand image & create experiences that delight & inspire. |