HFL x Khula Podcast About Branding For Non-Profits

Branding is all around us, whether it’s for a company or even an individual building a personal brand. But what about charities and non-profits? Do they need a brand strategy too?

Non-profits around the world are making a difference everywhere, by fighting for real and important issues. Hungry for Life (HFL) is a non profit organisation that aims to end poverty and aid the commun

For an organisation creating a great impact, it is vital that their brand is impactful as well. However, branding for non-profits is a concept many have no idea about. Khula worked with HFL for nearly 4 months where they revamped their website with Webflow — thus giving them a brand new look!

In this episode of “What in the World”, Jamie Windell and Jessica Goshulak have a spirited discussion on all things branding and how building a brand is beneficial to non-profits.

The episode covers the ABCs of branding and the tips and tricks to creating the right brand strategy and how a non-profit can put its vision out to the world with the power of branding!

00:00 — Intro

03:30 — What does Khula do?

07:15 — Our clients and members

08:56 — Our workflow with clients

09:59 — Common Branding Mistakes

12:28 — Web Design Trends

14:19 — Defining Branding

16:52 — What are the elements of branding a charity needs to focus on?

18:20 — How do you create a Brand Strategy?

21:13 — How to convey your vision as a non-profit?

25:52 — SEO for non-profits

32:32 — Working with other clients for charity branding

37:32 — Costing of a Brand Identity Package & website

40:24 — Khula Design Studio Services‍

Wondering how Khula pulled off this transformation? Curious to see what the new HFL website looks like? What are you waiting for? Click here to check out the case study on our website right now!‍

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