When the going gets tough, the tough get motivated

Motivation. A powerful word that is thrown around constantly. Motivation is something that a lot of people feel they don’t have and when they see someone who has huge amounts of drive and motivation pushing themselves forward — we ask ourselves “why don’t we have this and how does one cultivate this?”.

There are things that people do daily to fill their motivation tank, from reading inspirational books, listening to podcasts and watching motivational videos on YouTube. These things are great and ignite us in the short term, but I feel that if you really want to stay motivated and driven, you have to seek your own motivation from within. You have the capacity to not only transform and change but also tap into the pool of potential that is lying dormant within each one of us.

So why must we actively seek to motivate ourselves?

Motivation is a behavior that drives our actions and helps us move forward. When the going gets tough, the tough get motivated. Motivation enhances our performance to overcome challenges and obstacles, ultimately giving you courage and confidence.

So when we are feeling motivated, how do we retain it?

Practice gratitude and appreciation — we all have the ability to be thankful and sometimes it can be as simple as focusing on what you have in this present moment, being thankful for it — instead of complaining about the things you think you deserve.

Set some “realistic, specific and measurable” goals — According to the American Psychological Association, people who set goals that are both specific and challenging, are 90% more likely to achieve what they have set their mind to do. As you have probably heard, “celebrate the small wins” this will add to your motivation tank — remember, don’t let your reservoir run dry.

Remain Curious — curiosity drives our ability to learn and grow and when we are learning we naturally feel empowered and confident.

Build habits — as Jim Rohn states,

“Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going.”

Make sure you capitalizing on your psychological investment by compounding those daily habits to help you remain focused and grounded.

Now — is the time to get your motivation back!

  1. Focus on building great self-esteem by concentrating on your strengths
  2. As Ed Mylett states “We need to keep the promises we make to ourselves”
  3. We have to make a conservative effort to build our confidence and stick to the goals and promises we make for ourselves
  4. Dig-deep within, you might just surprise yourself

This video posted on MLK day by tonyrobbins featuring iamkidpresident MLK: THE POWER OF LOVE is a reminder to all of us that when we come together, no matter the race, shape or form, we can inspire, motivate and keep going no matter what circumstances you are facing.

KGYGT “Keep going — you got this!” 🤟🏻


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